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My first plane ride!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well it was definately an experience! The trip from Little Rock to Dallas lasted about an hour. When we first got to the airport they had delayed our flight twice! As we waited at the nearby pizza hut we heard our names over the intercom. Hurridely, we went to our gate's desk. They had noticed our awesome shirts and asked our story. We told them and they we're so good as to place us on another flight to dallas so we wouldn't miss our connecting flight to Germany. Thanks Mrs. T and Mrs. Clark for the shirts, they really helped us out! Now we are waiting in Dallas for our Lufthansa flight to Frankefurt, Germany!

Until then,

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Angela Muse said...

How exciting! I want to here about Germany as soon as possible. Do you have your own blackberry to add comments. You and Mrs. Wells are the only ones posting comments yet. Keep up the good work.

Kelby Jones said...

Yeah we got our blackberry before we left. Germany is beautiful!!! It is a mix between new age and historical monuments. Goethe's house was amazing you see where the ww2 bombs burnt parts of the house. But right beside the cathedrals and 600 year old buildings is the brand new extremely innovative mall. Our travel guide e plainer it as contradictory LOL. We have loads of pics. See you soon.


Donna Clark said...

Tonya and I are glad you enjoyed the shirts! :)

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