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South African Adventure Day 1

Friday, June 5, 2009

Well today we had a blast! The weather is going to bad for th rest of the week, so they were going to cancel the shark diving, but instead they arranged for diving lessons! So tomorrow, we are going to a nearby aquarium to swim with them there. Also today we visited a couple of the townships. It was a real eye opener. These people live in buildings worse than what our vehicles are parked in. It has been very rainy, therefore most of the homes had puddles of water in the floor. We visited an amazing woman named Rosie. She cooks for 200-300 people per day. Her dream is that one day no South African child will go to bed without at least one meal. What is most remarkable is her working area. She cooks for and feeds lots of people each day out of a small 7x7 shack. We theb went to a church in the township where we were fed. The food was amazing! I enjoyed it very much.

We are currently working on our pictures for upload. After we have worked everything out yall can see the remarkable things we have seen.

Talk to you tomorrow, after I have swam with sharksb!!!!


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lramsey661 said...

I am so proud of you and the others for your dedication and desire to be a part of this amazing opportunity! I am Thankful for Karen Wells and the role she plays in the lives of the children of Midland Schools. Erin and I pray daily for your safety and for your spirits to stay adventurous and your eyes stay opened. God is walking with you and allowing you to see with your heart as well as your eyes. Pay close attention to what He is telling you as well. I can't wait until you guys get home! We will have to have a big show again to experience this from the safety we all know as 'home.' Be careful and have fun! Tell all we said, "God Bless!"

Sherry said...

Kelby, I am so sorry you are having trouble with your blogs. We have all of you in our prayers and hope you are all having the time of your lives. Stay safe and God Bless.

Love, Bub and Sherry

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