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A quick change of plans.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today instead of going to the aquarium we decided to go out to the ocean. It was very chilly, but the wonders we were about to see were definately worth the cold. It was a two hour drive to our destination. We were heading out to the opposite side of the bay to board a boat equiped with a huge seven person cage. After a brief presentation about the great white shark with a local marine biologist, we finally made our way toward the docks. The water was extremely choppy....but it was just like a huge natural rollercoaster. After a long bouncy ride we finally made it to shark alley. It was a while before they could get the boat ready, but once it was done they called for volunteers. I was one of the first! I got into the cold wetsuit and headed down. It wasn't long after they had thrown a seal shaped decoy and a giant tuna head out in front, a shout from above told us "DOWN TO THE LEFT!!!" Quickly we dove down and watched.....just when I was about to head back up I saw it. It was a baby, but it was still at least five foot long. After twenty dives or so it was time to go back up. In that span of time we seen three sharks: a baby, an adult, and a very large specimen, said to have been about 4 meters long.

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